Dry Bones and Haunted Functions

Dry bones are the second largest bone located in the legs, which connects the knee to the ankle. Dry bone has another name, tibia which means flute. Giving this name refers to an ancient musical instrument made from animal shins. Supporting and maintaining body posture are some of the vital functions of the shin in our activities. The bone structure in the lower limbs is composed of tibia (shin) and fibula. Fibula are in the lower limbs that are connected through ligaments with the tip of the shin. Both of these bones function to stabilize the body when standing, supporting the muscles of the lower limbs, supporting body weight, and moving the ankles. Various Conditions that Reduce Dry Bone Function The foot is a part of the body that is more often injured compared to other body parts. Minor to severe injuries can occur in the limbs, especially in the shins. Some injuries or conditions that can reduce shin function include: Injury to the shin or shin splints Injury to the s
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